Bedroom to Dancefloor. A short documentary taking a look into Pandar's development to becoming the well versed producer he is. Featuring upcoming music which will solidify Pandar on the disco-edit map.
Shot over the course of 2 days using a Blackmagic Ursa Mini 4.6k on location in Southampton. This was produced to the client, Astrofunk's desires as a half advert for upcoming events of theirs and as an insight into one of their artists.
Dan Parsons, Commercial Director of Astrofunk had this to say, "The work produced by Dock Twelve when it came to producing our documentary Bedroom to Dancefloor was second to none. It hit the spot in everyday, showed the insight we were after, delivery was timely and the communication throughout was unrivalled. We went through several alterations at our request in the edit stage and this was completed no questions asked instantly."

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